Mount Buffalo Tour

Tour Cost - from $85.00 per person (based on 4 person booking)


Pickup in Bright at 10am


Itinery for the day:


  • On this trip we visit Eurobin and Lady Bath Falls

  • Then we drive to the top of Mt Buffalo, where you will be in awe of the incredible

       views from the lookout, we then visit the Mount Buffalo Chalet where you will enjoy

       a talk on its history and its future. Your driver Tom is on the redevelopment board for

       the Chalet

  • We will have lunch at Dingo Dell Cafe and learn more about the history of the area

  • We then travel through the plateau to Cresta Valley where the ski fields used to be.

       There is some great history to learn about here

  • We then travel out to the Horn Look Out (closed over Winter) we do not climb the Horn

       but we do get to see all the fantastic views

  • Then its off to Leviathan Rock, the largest free standing rock in the Southern Hemisphere

  • We call into the Gorge Waterfall, where we walk out to the edge of the waterfall and look

       1000ft straight down. The view from this high is nothing short of spectacular

  • On our way home we will call into Mount Buffalo Olives to taste there wonderful produce


Arriving home around 5pm


I don`t know if it is a magnetic field or what, but after a day at Mt Buffalo you feel revitalised,

it is a very special place. 


All our tours are done at a leisurely pace, if time permits we can do some extra things at the

end of the day or if you are having a great time along the way we may miss some at the end

of the day. Our whole goal is for you to enjoy the day.